Table 1. Policy data sources by jurisdiction

Jurisdiction Climate Energy Water Biodiversity National priorities / 5-year plan
Australia Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill 2009; National Climate Change Adaptation Framework 2007 Renewable Energy Demonstration Program 2009; Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute 2009; Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund 2006 National Water Initiative 2004, Water Act 2008 1996 National Strategy No formal statement, climate and water were key issues in 2007 election
European Union White Paper, Adapting to climate change, towards an European framework for action 2009 Framework for the promotion of energy from renewable sources 2009; Emission Trading System 2009; standards for fuels and biofuels 2009; regulatory framework for carbon capture and storage 2009 Water Framework Directive 2001 Biodiversity action plans 2001 2005–2009 EU strategic directives
England and Wales The Climate Change Act 2008; Adapting to Climate Change Programme 2008 Meeting the Energy Challenge: a White Paper on Energy May 2007; Energy Act 2008 Water Resources Strategy for England & Wales 2009 Conserving biodiversity—the UK approach 2007 No national priority statement or long-term plan was found
Brazil Executive Summary National plan on Climate Change, 2008 National Energy Plan 2005–2030, 2006 hydroelectricity plan National Water Act 1997 and plan National Biodiversity Policy 2002 Yes, but no integration was apparent
China China’s National Climate Change Program Water law 2002 By sub-sector—renewable energy 2007 National Biodiversity Strategy or Action Plan, 1994 Action Plan Yes, 11th 5-year plan, integration was apparent
India National Action Plan on Climate Change 2008 Energy Policy 2007 National Water Policy 2002 2006 Environmental Policy Yes, but no integration was apparent
Mexico National Strategy on Climate Change 2007, Executive Summary.
Special Program on Climate Change 2009
National Energy Program 2007–2012 National Water Plan 2007–2012 2000 National Biodiversity Strategy or Action Plan Yes, 5-year National Development Plan incorporates mitigation measures
South Africa South Africa Initial Communication Under the United Nations Framework on Climate Change 2000; Ministerial media release and presentation, 28 July 2008 Integrated Energy Plan 2003 Water Act 1998 Final draft 2005 Not listed as key issues on in March 2009
Tanzania United Republic of Tanzania National Adaptation Program of Action 2007 n/a 1991 Water Policy 1997 Environment Policy Not listed as key issues on in May 2009