Table 1. Interviews with key persons of the governance network around KVBR

Organization Formal institution Key person Description of role
Unesco MAB Office No Peter Dogsé Gave comments on an application draft to check formalities as part of his job. Was first contacted by Olof Olsson about KVBR.
Swedish MAB Committee No Olof Olsson, secretary Developing a national MAB committee and influencing/lobbying SEPA to promote biosphere reserves. Established crucial links between Magnusson (the BO), Dogsé (Unesco), and Folke (researcher).
SEPA Yes Torsten Larsson Wetland expert. Convinced SEPA to pay partial salary to one staff member (Cronert) for some years to develop the wetlands. SEPA has helped with criteria for listing Nature 2000 areas in the area and making priorities.
Gunnar Zettersten Member of the Swedish MAB Committee. Financial support to the MAB Committee and the BO.
Anders Bergqvist Works with the building of Naturum, which is a major external investment for SEPA.
Region Scania Yes Bo Fransman Environmental fund. Supported KVBR in its application process to become a biosphere reserve: “The BO is a serious partner and writes good applications.”
Christine Axelsson Chair of Regional Development Fund 2002–2006. Decided to support KVBR financially.
CAB Yes Göran Mattiasson Helped nesting the local networks into the political structure by formalizing The Consultancy Group in 1997. “Now when it is a biosphere reserve the politicians need to ‘own’ the process to be more accountable, the BO cannot remain in charge of everything.”
Elisabeth Hellmo Director for Environmental Unit, responsible for nature reserves. Transfers national grants from SEPA and assists municipality administrations.
Hans Cronert Has been the personal link between the CAB and the municipality since 1989.
MEB Yes Bo Kristiansson Chair 1988–1991 and 1998–2002. Inaugurated the BO as a municipal organization.
Heléne Fritzon Chair 2002–2006. Has pushed for building the new Centre, Naturum: “Regarding KVBR, all formal decisions have been taken by the local parliament.”
Bengt Gustafson Chair since 2006. Continues to support KVBR: “The biosphere reserve fits with our municipal profile. The present conservative rule makes no difference in this respect.”
Municipal administrations Yes Ingvar Lövkvist Head of Land and Exploitation Office 1985–2006. Managing Municipal Director 2007–2008 when the large investment in Naturum was decided. “Projects have often started after informal agreements between SEM and the Chair of MEB before being formal decisions being made, but that's often how it works.”
Tomas Theander City Architect. Assisted the BO with physical (land use) planning issues and strategies for climate and transportation: “In this respect there is no difference compared to collaborating with other municipal administration, they are also under the MEB.”
Michael Dahlman Environmental and Technical Administrations. Helped KVBR with expertise on water issues.
Göran Persson Head of the Coordination Administration. “There is no change in flexibility for the BO since it became part of the Coordination Administration.”
BO No Sven-Erik Magnusson Director since 1989. Initiated Kristianstads Vattenrike together with Cronert and others (Olsson et al. 2004).
Karin Magntorn Information director and Director of Naturum. Coordinated the MAB application.
WWF No Michael Löfroth Suggested WWF to support KVBR when working at SEPA. WWF has helped KVBR to reintroduce the catfish and save the river-pearl. Engaged in policy making and lobbying SEPA, Ministry of Environment, the CAB, and researchers (Folke).
Stockholm University No Carl Folke Helped Olof Olsson in lobbying SEPA to promote biosphere reserves. Coordinated international research.
Kristianstad University College No Magnus Thelaus Helped the BO with the MAB application in terms of summarizing research from the area and supporting various processes.
Farmers Federation Kristianstad No Hans Åkesson, Chairman Accepted to become member of the consultancy group for nature conservation. Supported by other farmers; no formal mission. Contributed knowledge.