APPENDIX 1. Stakeholder groups contributing.

Government divisions represented:

  • Solomon Islands Water Authority,
  • Ministry of Mines and Energy, Water Resources Division,
  • Ministry of Forests, Environment & Conservation, Forestry Division,
  • Ministry of Forests, Environment & Conservation, Environment and Conservation Division,
  • Ministry for Agriculture and Livestock,
  • Rural Water Supply and Sanitation,
  • Ministry of Health,
  • Honiara City Council,
  • Meteorological Services, Ministry of Communication & Aviation,
  • Ministry of Planning.

NGO stakeholders represented:
  • Community Support Program (CSP),
  • Environmental Concerns Action Network of the Solomon Islands (ECANSI),
  • Greenpeace,
  • Live and Learn Environmental Education,
  • The Nature Conservancy,
  • Oxfam,
  • Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT),
  • Solomon Islands National Council of Women,
  • Vois Blong Mere Solomon (Women’s Voice),
  • University of the South Pacific (SI)
  • World Vision,
  • World Wide Fund for Nature