APPENDIX 1. Composition of the “sounding-board group” for the Bargerveen GGOR process.

The sounding-board group consisted of 30 delegates in total. The represented organizations are listed below. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of delegates from an organization.

Governmental organizations

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
- Directorate of Regional Affairs North (2)
- Agency for Rural Development (1)

Province of Drenthe, The Netherlands (2)

Municipality of Emmen, The Netherlands (1)

Municipality of Twist, Germany (1)

Water board Velt en Vecht (3; 1 board member + 2 staff members not on the project team)

Nongovernmental organizations

SBB – Staatsbosbeheer, region North (4)

LTO – National agriculture and horticulture organization
- region North (3)
- local chapters (of region North) for Schoonebeek and Emmen-Oost (3)

Land division advisory committees for Schoonebeek and Emmen-Zuid (3)

Village council of Zwartemeer (1)

Village council of Weiteveen (1)

Farm owners on the south border of the Bargerveen (3)

Commercial enterprises

Firma Griendtsveen – trader in soil (1)

NAM – subsidiary of Shell (1)