Table 2. Trends in management cycle related to project effectiveness.

Trend Attributes affecting informative evaluation
Effective Ineffective
Scope of project objectives Appropriate to local/national priorities Focused on global donor priorities with little value to local/national priorities
Realistic given available timeframe, resources and capacity Overly ambitious given resource and capacity constraints
Implementation of project work plan Manageable list of project activities scheduled in work plan Exhaustive list of project activities addressing disparate objectives
Sufficient time allocated to consultation No time allocated for consultation causing delays in implementation
Adequate resources available Insufficient resources
Quality of data on project outcomes Existing baseline data Biased, limited or no baseline data
Integrated monitoring present Monitoring system absent or inadequate
Linked to stated objectives and specific actions in project work plan design No linkages between actions and outputs with project objectives
System for data organisation and management present Data management system absent or inaccessible and inconsistent