Fig. 1. Three-dimensional vulnerability-coordination framework in assessing vulnerability of pastoralism. In the dimensions of agroecosystems on which pastoralists depend, options that allow pastoralists to react and institution capacity to respond to crises in pastoral systems: octant 1 is robust, abundant, and high; octant 2 is fragile, abundant, and high; octant 3 is robust, abundant, and low; octant 4 is fragile, abundant, and low; octant 5 is robust, limited, and high; octant 6 is fragile, limited, and high; octant 7 is robust, limited, and low; octant 8 is fragile, limited, and low. At agroecological, livelihood, and institutional scales, the movement to octant 8 indicates increased vulnerability of pastoralism to global climate change and octant 1 implies decreased vulnerability of pastoralism to global climate change (Adapted from Fraser 2007).
Fig. 1