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Table of Contents: Volume 16, Issue 2

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Resilience 2011: Leading Transformational Change
Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke
Guest Editorial
Scale and Governance: Conceptual Considerations and Practical Implications
Kasper Kok and Tom (A.) Veldkamp
China’s Grassland Contract Policy and its Impacts on Herder Ability to Benefit in Inner Mongolia: Tragic Feedbacks
Wenjun Li and Lynn Huntsinger
Assessing an Adaptive Cycle in a Social System under External Pressure to Change: the Importance of Intergroup Relations in Recreational Fisheries Governance
Katrin Daedlow, Volker Beckmann, and Robert Arlinghaus
Revisiting the Resilience of Chestnut Forests in Corsica: from Social-Ecological Systems Theory to Political Ecology
Genevieve Michon
Using Coupled Simulation Models to Link Pastoral Decision Making and Ecosystem Services
Randall B Boone, Kathleen A Galvin, Shauna B BurnSilver, Philip K Thornton, Dennis S Ojima, and Jacob R Jawson
Highly Optimized Tolerant (HOT) Farms in Rondônia: Productivity and Farm Size, and Implications for Environmental Licensing
Andrew Reid Bell
The Role of Governance in Agricultural Expansion and Intensification: a Global Study of Arable Agriculture
Menno Mandemaker, Martha Bakker, and Jetse Stoorvogel
From Resilience to Transformation: the Adaptive Cycle in Two Mexican Urban Centers
Mark Pelling and David Manuel-Navarrete
Australian Aboriginal Peoples’ Seasonal Knowledge: a Potential Basis for Shared Understanding in Environmental Management
Suzanne M Prober, Michael H O'Connor, and Fiona J Walsh
Economic Benefits Generated by Protected Areas: the Case of the Hoge Veluwe Forest, the Netherlands
Lars Hein
In Pursuit of Knowledge: Addressing Barriers to Effective Conservation Evaluation
Madeleine C Bottrill, Marc Hockings, and Hugh P Possingham
Supporting the Constructive Use of Existing Hydrological Models in Participatory Settings: a Set of “Rules of the Game”
Pieter W. G. Bots, Rianne Bijlsma, Yorck von Korff, Nicolien Van der Fluit, and Henk Wolters
Social Learning through Participatory Integrated Catchment Risk Assessment in the Solomon Islands
Suzanne Hoverman, Helen Ross, Terence Chan, and Bronwyn Powell
Self-Organized Governance Networks for Ecosystem Management: Who Is Accountable?
Thomas Hahn
The Challenge of Forest Diagnostics
Harini Nagendra and Elinor Ostrom
Factors Influencing Adaptive Marine Governance in a Developing Country Context: a Case Study of Southern Kenya
Louisa S. Evans, Katrina Brown, and Edward H. Allison
Robustness and Resilience across Scales: Migration and Resource Degradation in the Prehistoric U.S. Southwest
John M Anderies and Michelle Hegmon
Forest Clearing Dynamics and the Expansion of Landholdings in Apuí, a Deforestation Hotspot on Brazil’s Transamazon Highway
Gabriel C Carrero and Philip M Fearnside
The Challenge of Developing Social Indicators for Cumulative Effects Assessment and Land Use Planning
Ross E. Mitchell and John R. Parkins
Energy and Water Use Related to the Cultivation of Energy Crops: a Case Study in the Tuscany Region
Anna Dalla Marta, Francesca Natali, Marco Mancini, Roberto Ferrise, Marco Bindi, and Simone Orlandini
Perspectives on Resilience to Disasters across Sectors and Cultures
Brian Walker and Frances Westley
Are We Entering an Era of Concatenated Global Crises?
Duan Biggs, Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs, Vasilis Dakos, Robert J Scholes, and Michael Schoon
An Empty Donut Hole: the Great Collapse of a North American Fishery
Kevin M. Bailey
The Politics of Reflexive Governance: Challenges for Designing Adaptive Management and Transition Management
Jan-Peter Voß and Basil Bornemann
Vulnerability of Worldwide Pastoralism to Global Changes and Interdisciplinary Strategies for Sustainable Pastoralism
Shikui Dong, Lu Wen, Shiliang Liu, Xiangfeng Zhang, James P. Lassoie, Shaoliang Yi, Xiaoyan Li, Jinpeng Li, and Yuanyuan Li
Enhancing the Resilience of the Australian National Electricity Market: Taking a Systems Approach in Policy Development
Barry Newell, Debborah M Marsh, and Deepak Sharma
Local Actions, Global Effects? Understanding the Circumstances in which Locally Beneficial Environmental Actions Cumulate to Have Global Effects
Thomas K Rudel
Synthesis: Vulnerability, Traps, and Transformations—Long-term Perspectives from Archaeology
Michael Schoon, Christo Fabricius, John M. Anderies, and Margaret Nelson
National Climate Change Policies and Sustainable Water Management: Conflicts and Synergies
Jamie Pittock
Feedback Loops in Conceptual Models of Land Change: Lost in Complexity?
A response to: Van Noordwijk et al. 2011. “Feedback Loops Added to Four Conceptual Models Linking Land Change with Driving Forces and Actors”
Anna M. Hersperger, Maria-Pia Gennaio, Peter H. Verburg, and Matthias Bürgi
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