Table 3. Summary of expertise group affiliation with social-ecological guilds. All scientific, common, and Hawaiian names of marine organisms are given in Table 5.

Social-Ecological Guilds Expertise groups that discuss each social-ecological guild
Subsistence Only Native Hawaiian experts provide historic observations from 1920 to 1970, and from 1970 to 2006 a diverse admixture of experts discussed subsistence organisms. Native Hawaiian people spend proportionally more time discussing subsistence than any other expertise group, and also proportionally less time talking about other guilds.
Ornamental (general) Topics of importance to all expertise groups, but feature more prominently in dive shop
operators, conservationists, and scientists interviews.
Ornamental (butterflyfish) Native Hawaiian experts tend not to focus on butterflyfish at all, while conservationists
focus almost exclusively on butterflyfishes. Minor role in interviews of scientists and
aquarium collectors.
Ornamental (rare species) Topics of importance among dive shop operators, conservationists, aquarium collectors,and scientists interviews, whereas rarely mentioned by Native Hawaiian experts.
Native Piscivores Observations principally stem from Native Hawaiian people and dive shop operators,
whereas scientists defer to local experts because "sightings of jacks [in scientific data
collection processes] are rare" (5.18.06).
Shark/Eel Both eels and reef sharks are discussed by dive shop operators and Native Hawaiian
people, principally.
Invasive Piscivores All expertise groups talk about invasive piscivores with relatively equal frequency