Table 4. The scales and levels used by the entrepreneur.

What is being framed[1] How is this framed Scale Level Quote
NMC As a company nobody in the village will notice Spatial Village Nobody in [the village] will even notice.
NMC As a development with which the municipality can show off Spatial/
Municipal I believe [the municipality], if the NMC is established and is managed successfully, they can well show off as an area where innovations found their breeding ground, [...] I believe [the municipality] should be proud of that!
NMC As solving problems at other places Spatial Regional So I solve many problems in four other places.
NMC As a company that will be developed if not here then somewhere else Spatial National And there is a big chance we’ll do it here in the Netherlands.
NMC As determined by the size of the smallest feasible abattoir Agricultural Farm The size is solely determined because we’ll build the smallest abattoir that can cost-effectively slaughter chickens.
NMC As a beautiful, innovative company Agricultural Farm Moreover I wanted to practice transparency and situate the company on a spot where everybody can see it. [...] Well I want to make there a beautiful, innovative company, which you can show and you don’t have to be ashamed of.
NMC As being better than the old small farms Agricultural Farm The requirements for building a new company are so strict that a company with 1.2 million animals causes less environmental damage than currently one with 120,000. Thus, yes I’m convinced it’ll be better.
NMC As an example for the rest of the world Agricultural Global food system I think this is an example... that the importance goes beyond my personal interest and also beyond the interest of intensive animal production.
We want to create an appealing project there, which can serve as a model for the world. This isn’t only about us.
Moreover we are convinced the concept we’ve developed really is an important example for the world.
Many people don’t see the larger importance of the development we’re putting into action. We’re indeed very early, which is a good thing, since otherwise this development might well come to a dead end and that would be a great loss for the Dutch sector, and worldwide as well, I believe.
NMC As causing 5% less loss of raw materials Agricultural Global food system Which means we lose 5% less raw materials in the chain, which isn’t so important for the Netherlands, but looking at the world that’s of very great importance.
NMC As the future of intensive agriculture Time Future Does your vision [...] mean that this [the NMC] is the way to go for sustainable intensive agriculture?
I think it’s unavoidable [...]
NMC As a possibility for future intensive animal production that Dutch society is about to decide upon Time Future An alternative is that the Netherlands decides intensive breeding can’t take place here any longer.
[1] In this table, all the scale frames with regard to the agricultural development area (ADA) and the new mixed company (NMC) deployed by the farmer in the interview are included. The selected quotations are in italics. We translated the quotes as literally as possible. Additions and changes are indicated by square brackets.