Table 3. The scales and levels used by the founder of the action group.

What is being framed[1] How is this framed Scale Level Quote
NMC As a degradation for the region, a win-win situation nationally Spatial Regional/ National For the region it [NMC] is still a degradation. You can read that in the [consultancy name] environmental advice. On the national scale there is a win-win situation.
NMC As a development that is too large for the landscape in a country as small as the Netherlands Spatial National We’re a very small country in which open space is claimed for very many things, [...] and since we’re such a small country there simply is no space for developments like this [NMC].
ADA As one of the accumulating developments that will transform the village into a neighborhood in an industrial park Spatial Village ...but as a result of all those developments [the village] is basically placed in an industrial park, a neighborhood in an industrial park.
ADA As one of many in itself possibly good developments Spatial Municipal/ Village And there again the thought: we have to concentrate the greenhouses, since that means that you have to affect the landscape at fewer places. Only that doesn’t seem to count for [this village].
NMC As desired by all administrative levels Administrative Municipal/ Provincial/ National Looking at the decision making, we’re not only talking about the municipality, but [...] on central, provincial, and municipal level the administrators are all Christian Democrats who already in 2003 have declared they’ll do anything to develop the NMC. The minister was even willing to adapt the law.
NMC As causing trouble Agricultural Farm Particularly the chicken farm will emit a gigantic lot of particulate matter.
NMC As disastrous for small family farms Agricultural Farm Talking about the NMC, that’s disastrous for small family farms.
NMC As questionable if pork production is desirable Regional/
Global food system
It’s questionable whether so much pork is desirable, since in principle there’s an overproduction in the world and for sure the Netherlands, since 80 to 90% of the pork is exported [...] we state that more attention should be paid to regional production. [Western Europe].
NMC As too small to compete with farms in other countries Agricultural Global food system In the end The Netherlands cannot win with this company on the world market.
NMC As having questionable sustainability from a nutrition point of view Agricultural Global food system If you watch what happens in South America, where gigantic soy plantations are put down and a large part of it is transported to feed the pigs here [...] all that pork is very unproductive. You should rather produce much more soy and vegetables and those kinds of things, then you need a smaller agricultural area for more nutrition.
NMC As should be developing knowledge for the Third World and a concept that will be exported to China Agricultural Global food system Use the company [...] to develop knowledge meaningful for the Third World, but in the Third World these gigantic companies would never be placed. What happens, these companies, the concept is exported to China and in China they will make the money.
NMC As competing with small farmers in Ghana Agricultural Global food system In Ghana, chicken farmers don’t have a chance anymore. Why? What we consider as waste over here, the chicken wings and the like, is dumped in Africa for very low prices.
[1] In this table, all the scale frames with regard to the agricultural development area (ADA) and the new mixed company (NMC) deployed by the founder of the action group in the interview are included. The selected quotations are in italics. We translated the quotes as literally as possible. Additions and changes are indicated by square brackets.