Table 2. The scales and levels used by the alderman.

What is being framed[1] How is this framed Scale Level Quote
NMC As causing environmental inconvenience only in its close surroundings Spatial Neighborhood Look, in the end because we’ll concentrate we’ll realize an environmental gain. [...] Only on the Dutch scale, on the European scale, on the provincial scale, on the municipal scale that’s right, but somewhere something [NMC] is being developed that in those surroundings leads to an increase.
NMC As inevitably resulting in local disadvantages in order to solve issues at other locations Spatial Neighborhood/
The moment you live next to the ADA, [...] then in your environment, something [NMC] will come that will increase certain things. [...], and in another area you will have a decrease.
NMC As beneficial/advantageous for the community, the surrounding area Spatial Municipal The first advantages are clearly advantages for the community. People from the municipality move to the ADA, so somewhere else in the municipality a farm is cleared. [..]Thus, for the people, the surrounding area, for nature, for ecology, the environment will improve.
NMC As creating more sustainability by solving bottlenecks somewhere else Spatial Regional The strength of the concept [NMC] I think is that you solve bottlenecks somewhere else, in nature areas. And [...] I find this something with a great degree of sustainability.
ADA As a development in the municipality that will solve regional sustainability questions Spatial Municipal/
I think it’s important that we dared to choose to think more broadly beyond our own municipality. Otherwise such developments won’t succeed. And if we want to solve sustainability questions then you’ll have to dare to look further than your own church steeple.
ADA As a development to transform the rural areas, to balance the different functions in the rural areas Spatial Regional ...but it’s important, you’ve got to do this [develop the ADA], but in other places you’ve got to clear out things. Then you’ll have the balance again.
The fact that you want to concentrate more, everything in larger areas [...], ADAs, and also simply developing the instruments to transform the remainder of the rural area. Thus cleaning up old farm buildings, glasshouses, strengthening nature, openness, those things. That’s, well, finding the balance.
ADA As an industrial area for intensive cattle breeding Agricultural Regional food system An ADA is an industrial area for intensive cattle breeding.
ADA As providing space for future-proof farms Agricultural/
Regional food system/
The criteria: 6 ha, 65% covered with buildings, those are future-proof sizes.
[1] In this table, all the scale frames with regard to the agricultural development area (ADA) and the new mixed company (NMC) deployed by the alderman in the interview are included. The selected quotations are in italics. We translated the quotes as literally as possible. Additions and changes are indicated by square brackets.