Table 1. Scale value and governance issues attached to the implementation of commercial wetlands.

Ecosystem Service Economic Value Economic Governance
Scale 3:
Spatial ecosystem service scale
Biophysical performance Scale 4:
Spatial beneficiaries scale (number of households)
Economic value per beneficiary (household) Scale 5:
Jurisdictional scale
Water purification Downstream 500 kg N per ha
50 kg P per ha
3640 € 6.17 Water board: Insufficient water quality in a water body
Water logging Downstream 7000 m3 water per ha 128675 € 6.38 Water board: Flood and high water risk
Improving ecosystem quality Wetland Improved ecosystem quality 21165 € 4.51 Provinces: Desiccation problems
Capturing CO2 emissions Global 12 ton C per ha. € 3.71
Biomass production At the spot 30 ton dry matter per ha 1* € 0.00 Private actors
Recreation options At the spot 8655 € 2.55 Private actors Municipality

* The wetland entrepreneur