Table 3. Items in the composite scale for social resilience, measured on a 5 point Likert scale (1 = strongly disagree/negative, 5 = strongly agree/positive), Cronbach’s α = 0.764; n = 47.

Statement Mean SD Corrected Item-Total Correlation Cronbach’s α if item deleted
My business is in a better position to cope with changes and stay in the reef-based tourism sector than others I know 3.872 0.849 0.565 0.736
I am confident things will turn out well for my business in the future 3.787 0.778 0.643 0.660
There are many options for my business to adapt to changes and stay working in the reef-based tourism sector 3.681 0.934 0.621 0.680
I do not think that my company will survive in this sector for much longer (negatively phrased) 4.04 0.690 0.415 0.758
There is no reason to believe that foreseeable changes will make my business go under 3.670 0.915 0.418 0.765