Table 1. Selected impact issues from the EC Impact Assessment Guidelines (CEC 2009) and respective indicators selected for this study.

Selected impact issue from the EC Impact Assessment Guidelines(CEC 2009) Selected Indicators
ENV 01 Air quality Ammonia emission from agriculture; Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions
ENV 02 Water quality and resources Nitrogen (N) surplus; phosphorus (P) surplus; water abstraction; water retention capacity of the soil
ENV 03 Soil quality and resources Soil erosion risk by water; soil sealing; wind erosion; soil carbon content
ENV 04 The climate CO2 emission; methane and nitrous oxide emission; carbon sequestration in biomass, soil and dead organic matter
ENV 05 Renewable or nonrenewable resources Renewable energy production – biomass
ENV 06 Biodiversity, flora, fauna, and landscapes Terrestrial habitats at risk from eutrophication; farmland and woodland birds; deadwood; high nature value farmland; spatial cohesion; pesticide use
ENV 07 Land use Land use change (in 9 classes)
ENV 08 Waste production/generation/recycling Generation of municipal waste by tourists; discharge of sewage water because of tourism
ENV 09 The likelihood or scale of environmental risk Forest fire risk; flood risk
ENV 10 Mobility (transport modes) and the use of energy Energy used by transport; Energy used heating and electricity
ECO 01 Competitiveness, trade, and investment flows Net flows of traded goods in agriculture, forestry, and the energy sector
ECO 03 Operating costs and conduct of business Labor cost; energy cost
ECO 04 Administrative costs on business Administrative costs
ECO 05 Property rights Property rights
ECO 06 Innovation and research Labor productivity
ECO 07 Consumers and households Inflation rate - consumer price index
ECO 08 Specific regions or sectors Gross value added per sector (agriculture, forestry, tourism, energy)
ECO 10 Public authorities Public expenditure
ECO 11 The macroeconomic environment Gross domestic product
SOC 01 Employment and labor markets Unemployment rate, employment by sector (both sectoral and total)
SOC 03 Social inclusion and protection
of particular groups
Deviation of regional unemployment, deviation of regional income
SOC 04 Equality of treatment and opportunities,
Gender impact of income distribution
SOC 07 Public health and safety Exposure to air and water pollution; exposure to natural hazards
SOC 08 Crime, terrorism, and security Self-sufficiency index for food; Self-sufficiency index for energy
SOC 09 Access to and effects on social protection, health, and educational system Migration pressures
SOC 10 Tourism pressure Social tourism pressure; recreational pressure from tourism
SOC 11 Landscape identity Continuity of appreciated landscape heritage; change of visual attractivity