Table 4. Descriptions of Millennium Ecosystem Assessment's Adapting Mosaic scenario (Cork et al. 2005) and the Adaptive Doņana – Wet and Creative scenario.

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment scenarios Doñana scenario
The Adapting Mosaic scenario depicts a fragmented world resulting from discredited global institutions. This scenario sees the rise of local ecosystem-management strategies and the strengthening of local institutions. Investments in human and social capital are geared toward improving knowledge about ecosystem functioning and management, thus resulting in a better understanding of the importance of resilience, fragility, and the local flexibility of ecosystems. Traditional knowledge is maintained, with success for some uses. In the Adaptive Doñana – Wet and Creative scenario, Doñana is conceptualized like a social-ecological system where the wetlands and watershed become the heart of management. Management becomes more participative, and education and sustainability become the priorities of society. The landscape mosaic permits the maintenance of traditional uses and traditional ecological knowledge, which coexist with modern knowledge and innovations. The provision of regulating services will increase at the expense of provisioning ecosystem services.