Fig. 4. NPS and USFS interviewee responses regarding effect of key federal laws on adaptation. Fig. 4

Note: The top graph (Fig. 4a) is for NPS respondents and the bottom (Fig. 4b) is for USFS respondents. Responses were coded according to environmental laws mentioned. The gray bars indicate laws that were perceived as barriers to implementing adaptation, while the black bars indicate laws perceived as enabling adaptation. There are no NPS responses for the NFMA because it applies only to the USFS. Similarly, there are no USFS responses for the NPS Organic Act because it applies only to the NPS.

Key: CAA-Clean Air Act; CWA-Clean Water Act; ESA-Endangered Species Act; ERFO-Emergency Relief for Federally-Owned Roads Program; NEPA-National Environmental Policy Act; NHPA-National Historic Preservation Act; NFMA-National Forest Management Act.