Table 4. List of individuals who deviate from the correlation between knowledge and gear exchange centralities.

Deviation ID Gear links (+/-) Gear lending category§ Occupation/type of fisher
1 + owner deep-sea fisherman
2 + owner beach seine fisherman
3 - isolate village chairman
4 - client deep-sea fisherman
5 - client deep-sea fisherman
6 - multi-source client fisherman and research staff
7 - multi-source client fisherman and research staff
8 - multi-source client fisherman and miscellaneous other occupations
9 - isolate gill-net fisherman
10 + owner deep-sea fisherman
11 + owner speargun fisherman
12 + owner deep-sea fisherman

† Deviation ID corresponds to the numbers in brackets in Fig. 1.

‡ Indicates whether an individual has more or less gear-exchange links than would be expected based on their position in the knowledge network.

§ Indicates which of the three categories tested in the block model each individual belongs to.

¶ Describes the occupation of each person. For fishers this refers to their primary gear type.