Table 1. Different types of social networks examined, and the questions used to elicit information about social ties for each network.

Network name Type of network Question asked
Knowledge network Exchange of information and knowledge regarding natural resources Q1: If you noticed changes in the natural environment (e.g., the number of fish caught, the condition of the mangrove forest or reef, availability of firewood etc.), who would you discuss this with?
Q 2:Do you exchange information with anyone which is useful for you to carry out your common occupation? (e.g., information about practices, good fishing spots, equipment, timing and season, etc.)
Gear-dependency network Dependency network, i.e., who are respondents dependent upon to carry out their occupation (e.g., lease of fishing equipment). Q 3: Is there any person(s) on whom you depend, or who depend on you, to carry out your (their) occupation? (Y/N) If yes, name persons in table below. (I.e., do you need someone else’s boat, gear, nets, etc. to carry out your occupation?)