Fig. 4. The causes of change due to aggregated climate factors (rainfall, wind, temperature, drought, flooding, etc.) and aggregated nonclimate factors: decreasing income from crops (N=1044, p=0.37, nonsignificant) and livestock (N=311, p < 0.05), decreasing crop production (pearl millet, N=2501, p < 0.05; maize, N=917, p < 0.05) and livestock production (cattle, N=515, p < 0.05; sheep, N=571, p < 0.05), and change in pasture areas: permanent pasture (increasing N=134, p < 0.05; decreasing N=560, p < 0,05), livestock corridors (increasing N=108, p < 0,05; decreasing N=438, p=0.21, nonsignificant), and livestock resting areas (increasing N=111, p < 0.05; decreasing N=392, p=0.93, nonsignificant). Significance levels refer to differences in perceptions between rainfall zones.

Fig. 4