Fig. 4. Illustration of the method for estimating the abundance of a carabid beetle species in a development scenario. Shown is the Semi-compact scenario (see Fig. 3; not to scale). Numbers represent the relative abundance of the species in each beetle survey site, calculated from pitfall trap data. Three types of beetle survey sites make up the Semi-compact scenario: Suburban, Suburban Neighbor, and Forested. For each site area in the scenario, a relative abundance value was randomly chosen from those of the replicate beetle survey sites in the appropriate housing category. To illustrate this, the developed portion of the scenario has been filled in with randomly chosen relative abundance values from the Suburban beetle survey sites. For areas in the development scenario that were smaller than site areas, the relative abundance value was multiplied by the proportion of a site area represented. Finally, the randomly selected values for the entire Semi-compact scenario were summed to yield an estimate of the abundance of the carabid beetle species in the whole development scenario.
Fig. 4