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Table of Contents: Volume 15, Issue 4

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Resilience and Global Sustainability
Carl Folke and Lance Gunderson
Guest Editorial
The Right Connections: How do Social Networks Lubricate the Machinery of Natural Resource Governance?
Beatrice Crona and Klaus Hubacek
Linking Land Change with Driving Forces and Actors: Four Conceptual Models
Anna M. Hersperger, Maria-Pia Gennaio, Peter H. Verburg, and Matthias Bürgi
Social-ecological Resilience of a Nuosu Community-linked Watershed, Southwest Sichuan, China
Lauren S Urgenson, R. Keala Hagmann, Amanda C Henck, Stevan Harrell, Thomas M Hinckley, Sara Jo Shepler, Barbara L. Grub, and Philip M Chi
Resilient or Vulnerable Livelihoods? Assessing Livelihood Dynamics and Trajectories in Rural Botswana
Susannah M Sallu, Chasca Twyman, and Lindsay C Stringer
Gender Patterns in Bird-related Recreation in the USA and UK
Caren B Cooper and Jennifer A. Smith
The State of the System and Steps Toward Resilience of Disturbance-dependent Oak Forests
Tricia G Knoot, Lisa A. Schulte, John C. Tyndall, and Brian J. Palik
The Conditions for Functional Mechanisms of Compensation and Reward for Environmental Services
Brent M. Swallow, Beria Leimona, Thomas Yatich, and Sandra J. Velarde
Habitat Scale Mapping of Fisheries Ecosystem Service Values in Estuaries
Timothy G. O’Higgins, Steven P. Ferraro, Darrin D. Dantin, Steve J. Jordan, and Marnita M Chintala
Inside the “Black Box” of River Restoration: Using Catchment History to Identify Disturbance and Response Mechanisms to Set Targets for Process-Based Restoration
Sarah Mika, Joanna Hoyle, Garreth Kyle, Timothy Howell, Benjamin Wolfenden, Darren Ryder, Daniel Keating, Andrew Boulton, Gary Brierley, Andrew P Brooks, Kirstie Fryirs, Michelle Leishman, Mark Sanders, Angela Arthington, Robert Creese, Mark Dahm, Craig Miller, Brad Pusey, and Alexandra Spink
Disturbance, Response, and Persistence in Self-Organized Forested Communities: Analysis of Robustness and Resilience in Five Communities in Southern Indiana
Forrest D. Fleischman, Kinga Boenning, Gustavo A Garcia-Lopez, Sarah Mincey, Mikaela Schmitt-Harsh, Katrin Daedlow, Maria Claudia Lopez, Xavier Basurto, Burney Fischer, and Elinor Ostrom
An Evaluation of Feral Cat Management Options Using a Decision Analysis Network
Kerrie Anne T. Loyd and Jayna L. DeVore
The Trade-off Between Housing Density and Sprawl Area: Minimizing Impacts to Carabid Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae)
Sara A. Gagné and Lenore Fahrig
Salt Marsh Zonal Migration and Ecosystem Service Change in Response to Global Sea Level Rise: A Case Study from an Urban Region
Rusty A Feagin, M. Luisa Martinez, Gabriela Mendoza-Gonzalez, and Robert Costanza
Can Properties of Labor-Exchange Networks Explain the Resilience of Swidden Agriculture?
Sean S. Downey
Strengthening Regional Cohesion: Collaborative Networks and Sustainable Development in Swiss Rural Areas
Christian Hirschi
Principles for Fairness and Efficiency in Enhancing Environmental Services in Asia: Payments, Compensation, or Co-Investment?
Meine van Noordwijk and Beria Leimona
Securing a Future: Cree Hunters’ Resistance and Flexibility to Environmental Changes, Wemindji, James Bay
Jesse S Sayles and Monica E Mulrennan
Synapses in the Network: Learning in Governance Networks in the Context of Environmental Management
Jens Newig, Dirk Günther, and Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Climate Factors Play a Limited Role for Past Adaptation Strategies in West Africa
Ole Mertz, Cheikh Mbow, Jonas Østergaard Nielsen, Abdou Maiga, Drissa Diallo, Anette Reenberg, Awa Diouf, Bruno Barbier, Ibrahim Bouzou Moussa, Malicki Zorom, Ibrahim Ouattara, and Daniel Dabi
How Participation Creates Citizens: Participatory Governance as Performative Practice
Esther Turnhout, Severine Van Bommel, and Noelle Aarts
Increased Market Integration, Value, and Ecological Knowledge of Tea Agroforests in the Akha Highlands of Southwest China
Selena Ahmed, John R Stepp, Robban A. J. Toleno, and Charles M Peters
Scale-Crossing Brokers and Network Governance of Urban Ecosystem Services: The Case of Stockholm
Henrik Ernstson, Stephan Barthel, Erik Andersson, and Sara T Borgström
Disentangling Scale Approaches in Governance Research: Comparing Monocentric, Multilevel, and Adaptive Governance
Catrien J.A.M. Termeer, Art Dewulf, and Maartje van Lieshout
The Use of Impact Assessment Tools to Support Sustainable Policy Objectives in Europe
Peter De Smedt
Power Asymmetries in Small-Scale Fisheries: a Barrier to Governance Transformability?
Beatrice Crona and Örjan Bodin
Institutional Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in U.S. National Parks and Forests
Lesley C Jantarasami, Joshua J Lawler, and Craig W Thomas
Competing Structure, Competing Views: The Role of Formal and Informal Social Structures in Shaping Stakeholder Perceptions
Christina Prell, Mark Reed, Liat Racin, and Klaus Hubacek
Large Gaps in Canopy Reduce Road Crossing by a Gliding Mammal
Rodney van der Ree, Silvana Cesarini, Paul Sunnucks, Joslin L Moore, and Andrea Taylor
Urban Ethnohydrology: Cultural Knowledge of Water Quality and Water Management in a Desert City
Meredith Gartin, Beatrice Crona, Amber Wutich, and Paul Westerhoff
Are Local People Conservationists? Analysis of Transition Dynamics from Agroforests to Monoculture Plantations in Indonesia
Laurène Feintrenie, Stefan Schwarze, and Patrice Levang
Oak Persistence in Mediterranean Landscapes: The Combined Role of Management, Topography, and Wildfires
Vanda Acácio, Milena Holmgren, Francisco Moreira, and Godefridus M.J. Mohren
Of Models and Meanings: Cultural Resilience in Social–Ecological Systems
Todd A. Crane
Resilience Thinking: Integrating Resilience, Adaptability and Transformability
Carl Folke, Stephen R Carpenter, Brian Walker, Marten Scheffer, Terry Chapin, and Johan Rockström
Bioenergy Sustainability at the Regional Scale
Virginia H Dale, Richard Lowrance, Patrick Mulholland, and G Phillip Robertson
Toward a Theory of Integrated Urban Ecology: Complementing Pickett et al.
Robert Mugerauer
The ‘Social Life’ of Conservation: Lessons from Danau Sentarum
Reed Lee Wadley, Carol J. Pierce Colfer, Rona Dennis, and Julia Aglionby
The Dark Side of Light: A Transdisciplinary Research Agenda for Light Pollution Policy
Franz Hölker, Timothy Moss, Barbara Griefahn, Werner Kloas, Christian C. Voigt, Dietrich Henckel, Andreas Hänel, Peter M. Kappeler, Stephan Völker, Axel Schwope, Steffen Franke, Dirk Uhrlandt, Jürgen Fischer, Reinhard Klenke, Christian Wolter, and Klement Tockner
Co-engineering Participatory Water Management Processes: Theory and Insights from Australian and Bulgarian Interventions
Katherine A. Daniell, Ian White, Nils Ferrand, Irina S. Ribarova, Peter Coad, Jean-Emmanuel Rougier, Matthew Hare, Natalie A. Jones, Albena Popova, Dominique Rollin, Pascal Perez, and Stewart Burn
Complex Land Systems: the Need for Long Time Perspectives to Assess their Future
John A. Dearing, Ademola K. Braimoh, Anette Reenberg, Billie L. Turner, and Sander van der Leeuw
A Review of Design Principles for Community-based Natural Resource Management
Michael Cox, Gwen Arnold, and Sergio Villamayor Tomás
Informal Participatory Platforms for Adaptive Management. Insights into Niche-finding, Collaborative Design and Outcomes from a Participatory Process in the Rhine Basin
Sabine Moellenkamp, Machiel Lamers, Christian Huesmann, Sophie Rotter, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Karina Speil, and Wiebke Pohl
What is Social Learning?
A response to: Pahl-Wostl. 2006. “The Importance of Social Learning in Restoring the Multifunctionality of Rivers and Floodplains”
Mark S Reed, Anna C Evely, Georgina Cundill, Ioan Fazey, Jayne Glass, Adele Laing, Jens Newig, Brad Parrish, Christina Prell, Chris Raymond, and Lindsay C Stringer
Biodiversity, biodisparity, and bioequivalence
A response to: DeVaney. 2010. “Biodiversity and Biodisparity”
Thomas Kirchhoff
Book Review
Code, L. 2006. Ecological Thinking: the Politics of Epistemic Location. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.
Maureen Biermann
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