Table 3. Currently certified Aboriginal forest companies.

  Standard Year of certification Area under certificate Type of tenure Details
Iisaak Forest Resources, BC
Recertified to FSC-BC
2001, latest recertification in 2007‡,§ 87,664 ha;
after 2007 76,794 ha‡,§
Mix of area-based tenures. After recertification in 2007, short-term tenures excluded from certificate. ‡,§ Originally, 51% of Iisaak Forest Resources were in a joint venture with McMillan Bloedel Ltd., which was later purchased by Weyerhaeuser. Full First Nations’ ownership from 2005. Harvest in 2000 was 22,197 m3. Financial stability was a major difficulty associated with the 2007 recertification.‡,§

Pictou Landing First Nation, NS
  FSC-Maritimes 2000, latest recertification in 2006 |,¶ 384.5 ha Community forest (private and reserve land) SLIMF.# No harvest in 2004–2007. Restoration of Acadian forest as main objective.|,¶
Eel Ground First Nation, NB
  FSC-Maritimes 2005 2,853 ha Reserve land SLIMF#, harvesting <5,000 m3 per yr.††

Mistik Management Ltd., SK
  ISO 14001



1.8 million ha Forest Management Area–public land, privately managed 50% owned by NorSask (Meadow Lake Tribal Council); 50% by Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc. Annual harvest is 445,000 m3 of softwood and 805,000 m3 of hardwood.§§

Services Forestiers Opitciwan, QC
  ISO 14001 2005 N/A Mix of private and public land.|| Supplies wood mainly to Scierie Opitciwan sawmill, which is a joint venture of Attikamek Band of Opitciwan (Atikamekw Council of Obedjiwan) and Abitibi-Consolidated Ltd.|| Annual wood harvest is 120,000 m3.¶¶

† SmartWood Program 2005
‡ SmartWood Program 2007a
§ SmartWood Program 2007b
| SmartWood Program 2006
¶ SmartWood Program 2008
#Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests (Forest Stewardship Council 2002) †† Soil Association Woodmark 2005
‡‡Forest Stewardship Council Canada 2004
§§ Mistik Management Ltd. 2005–2008
|| First Nations Forestry Program 2006b
¶¶National Aboriginal Forestry Association 2000