Table 2. Generic strategies for Alpine tourist regions derived from strategy discussions with local stakeholders.

Framing conditions Adaptation & mitigation strategies for alpine tourist regions
Climate change Cultivate high altitude summer pastures for cattle grazing to hinder timber line rising. Adaptation of settlement structure to cope with natural hazards trough climate change.
Tourism trends Offer quality tourism with regional identity, brand development! Winter tourism – adaption of the touristic usage on changing climate conditions: smart shrinking.
Economy, Agricultural policy Coping with globalized markets, reorientation of agricultural production towards local, high quality products not dependent on global agro-market trends and subsidies
Local elements Development strategies for alpine tourist regions
Population Supporting local identity, attracting population to stay and grow.
Tourism Growth of nature oriented tourism, increased summer offerings, smart shrinking-concepts for winter tourism. Cooperation of municipalities and ski lift companies, mutual investment decisions and sharing on the receipts.
Economy, workplaces Using local resources for goods production with higher value instead of low value goods "export", improving worker qualifications, providing new jobs by establishing whole year tourism and company founding.
Settlement, infrastructure New housing shall be concentrated within the current the settlement borders, renovation of old houses instead of building new ones, provision of flats for young families, limited holiday home numbers.
Agriculture and forestry Selective fallow land management, well-adapted biomass usage as raw material for higher value goods production and as energy source, strengthening/expansion of regional brands, agricultural products.
Traffic Traffic-decreasing regional planning measures, establishment of an attractive public transport pricing structure and offer of jobs in traffic business.
Environment & nature Support of landscape care measures by farmers, strengthening environmental awareness in all heads.
Education & culture Infrastructure for cultural events, central bureau for cultural event marketing, encouragement of regional cultural initiatives.