Table 4. Things farmers and customers said they learned at the farmers' market.

Farmers say they learn about Farmers stating this (n = 5) Consumers say they learn about Consumers stating this (n = 9)
What consumers want
and how they use the
products (packaging,
meat cuts, varieties)
F1, F2,
F3, F4,
How vegetables look when they are fresh
Be pickier about food, demand higher quality
Take more interest in food and cooking
C1, C3, C4, C8
What consumers think and care about. What they like and dislike regarding taste and quality F1, F2,
F4, F5
New, different, unusual (varieties of) vegetables. How to use more vegetables in cooking. C1, C4, C6, C8
That most consumers have little knowledge about and do not care about production methods F1, F2,
How animals are raised and slaughtered C7
That consumers like to be recognized by farmers F1 Trust the farmer C8
Where the farm is situated, what it offers (activities, products) C3, C4, C5