Table 2. Descriptions of the customers interviewed in the study.

Consumer Age Gender City Profession No. of people in household Frequency at farmers' market Weekly spending at the market (SEK)
C1 50s Female Örebro Dental nurse 2 Several times nd
C2 44 Male Örebro nd 4 Several times nd
C3 63 Female Örebro Social worker 1 Almost every week 200-300
C4 55 Male Stockholm Carpenter 2 Every week 500-600
C5 60 Female Stockholm Art director 2 Several times 300-400
C6 29 Female Örebro Teacher 2 Almost every week nd
C7 55 Female Örebro Hospital director 4 Every week 400-500
C8 56 Female Örebro University administrator 1 Almost every week nd
C9 50s Male Örebro Antique restorer 2 Almost every week 300-500

In relation to the 11 weeks it is open during harvest season.