Table 1. Descriptions of the farms in the study.

F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
County Örebro Stockholm Örebro Örebro Örebro
Main product Vegetables, potatoes Vegetables Lamb, sausages Beef Cereals, flour, hard bread, beef
Production system Organic Organic Organic Organic Organic
Arable land 24 ha 3.5 ha 100 ha 47 ha 130 ha
Animals Leased grazing for beef cattle 550 ewes 35 cows 11 beef cows, 20 ewes
Other activities Trainees Trainees Cattle dogs, dog training courses Full-time teacher Forest, small conference facility, hydro-electric plant
Marketing of products Farmers' market, farm gate, local grocery stores, restaurants Farmers' market, farmer cooperation, farm gate, box scheme Farmers' market, local stores, national butcheries Farmers' market, local grocery stores, Internet Farmers' market, local and distant grocery stores, mill
Proportion of produce sold locally measured by income 100% 100% 40% 100% 90%