Table 3. Research agenda for pilot projects

Research topic Research Question (examples)
Applicability of the findings on pilot projects to natural resource management in general Does the suggested conceptual framework (characteristics, use functions and diffusion) apply to natural resource management fields other than water?
Empirical testing of the validity and completeness of the conceptual framework What relationships exist between pilot project characteristics, their uses and their diffusion?
How useful is the conceptual framework in assessing and analyzing particular pilot projects from a research perspective?
How useful is the pilot project Nonagon as a management tool in pilot projects?
Which factors are critical in determining the pilot project process and its effects?
How can pilot projects and diffusion strategies be designed and adapted to increase effectiveness?
Effects of pilot projects What type of effects can pilot projects have?
How do pilot projects diffuse into standard water policy?
How does knowledge development in a pilot contribute to its diffusion?
Pilot project dynamics What are the underlying causes and mechanisms determining the course of the process of pilot project development from the initial idea to its termination?