Table 1. Pilot projects compared and contrasted with laboratory experiments and routine water management projects

Project Descriptors
Characteristics of
Laboratory Experiments
Characteristics of
Pilot Projects
Characteristics of
Routine Water Management Projects
Relationship to policy and local context Connection to policy In policy periphery Either close to policy core or in periphery In line with and following policies
Local contextual dependency Controlled contextual factors High; interaction with local context Moderate
Incidence of occurrence In series or single event In series or single event In series or single event
Scale Limitedness (space, time, problem scope) Confined Confined in at least one dimension Full scale
Reversibility n.a. Reversible only to biophysical reference situation Permanent
Innovation Type of innovation Technological Technological, Conceptual, Process n.a.
Driver of innovation Supply driven Demand or Supply driven n.a.
Level of innovation High level Variable level Low level