Table 2. Description of the participatory process developed using Bayesian networks in the Upper Guadiana Basin (May 2007-April 2008).

Meeting Objectives Tools Program/Organization Results
1. Definition of the system Identify the most relevant variables in the system, including potential actions and indicators. Stakeholders were divided in two groups, who attended two different sessions (One questionnaire for each network):
  • representatives of farmers and the agricultural administration; and
  • representatives of environmental associations and the River Basin Authority.
Introduction to BNs.
Outline of the future steps for BN construction.
BNs were constructed from the beginning during the meeting.
Duration: 6 h per meeting.
Four networks (one by session for each of the two scales).
Answers to the questionnaires.
2. Individual interviews a) Validate the preliminary network.
b) Obtain missing data.
c) Check if the states defined by the data collected were close to reality.
Questionnaire explaining previous work, and asking improvements for:
  • structure of the network;
  • states of each variable; and
  • data collected, with its information source (as a way to improve data transparency).
Two researches asked questions from the questionnaire to each stakeholder.
Ten representatives of the four stakeholder groups were interviewed.
Duration: 2 h per interview.
Validation of the network and the states.
New data and sources of data.
3. Plenary meeting a) Check the last changes of the network.
b) Define the probabilities of the states of each variable.
PowerPoint presentations explaining:
  • structure of the network variable by variable; and
  • probabilities that needed to be completed.
Open discussions guided by the slides.
Duration: 4 h.
Validated structure of the network.
Expert inputs to set probabilities.
4. Evaluation meeting Check, collect feedback, and evaluate the preliminary results. Document and explain the final BNs and their preliminary results. One week before the meeting the document was sent to the stakeholders.
During the meeting the document guided the discussions
Duration: 2 h.
Evaluation of the preliminary results.