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Table of Contents: Volume 15, Issue 3

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Guest Editorial
Risk Mapping for Avian Influenza: a Social–Ecological Problem
Graeme S. Cumming
Introduction to Special Feature on Catastrophic Thresholds, Perspectives, Definitions, and Applications
Robert A Washington-Allen, David D. Briske, Herman H. Shugart, and Lucinda F. Salo
Voluntary Participation in Regional Fisheries Management Council Meetings
Danielle T Brzezinski, James Wilson, and Yong Chen
Generic Regional Development Strategies from Local Stakeholders’ Scenarios - an Alpine Village Experience
Wolfgang Loibl and Ariane Walz
Perception-based Methods to Evaluate Conservation Impact in Forests Managed Through Popular Participation
Jens F Lund, Kulbhushan Balooni, and Lila Puri
Designing Conservation Corridors in Production Landscapes: Assessment Methods, Implementation Issues, and Lessons Learned
Amanda T Lombard, Richard M Cowling, Jan H.J. Vlok, and Christo Fabricius
Growth, Collapse, and Reorganization of the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal: an Analysis of Institutional Resilience
Nabin Baral, Marc J Stern, and Joel T Heinen
Evaluation of Bayesian Networks in Participatory Water Resources Management, Upper Guadiana Basin, Spain
Pedro Zorrilla, Gema Carmona, África De la Hera, Consuelo Varela-Ortega, Pedro Martínez-Santos, John Bromley, and Hans Jorgen Henriksen
Pilot Projects in Water Management
Heleen Vreugdenhil, Jill Slinger, Wil Thissen, and Philippe Ker Rault
Adaptive Co-management Networks: a Comparative Analysis of Two Fishery Conservation Areas in Sweden
Annica Sandström and Carl Rova
Road Impacts on Abundance, Call Traits, and Body Size of Rainforest Frogs in Northeast Australia
Conrad J. Hoskin and Miriam W. Goosem
Interlocking panarchies in multi-use boreal forests in Sweden
Jon Moen and E. Carina H. Keskitalo
Re-connecting with a Recovering River through Imaginative Engagement
Paul Selman, Claudia Carter, Anna Lawrence, and Clare Morgan
Who Benefits from Recreational Use of Protected Areas?
Josephine E Booth, Kevin J Gaston, and Paul R Armsworth
Quantifying Biodiversity for Building Resilience for Food Security in Urban Landscapes: Getting Down to Business
Åsa Jansson and Steven Polasky
The US Fire Learning Network: Springing a Rigidity Trap through Multiscalar Collaborative Networks
William Hale Butler and Bruce Evan Goldstein
Spanning Boundaries in an Arizona Watershed Partnership: Information Networks as Tools for Entrenchment or Ties for Collaboration?
Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson, Bethany B. Cutts, Elisabeth K. Larson, Kate J. Darby, Mark Neff, Amber Wutich, and Bob Bolin
Participatory Research for Adaptive Water Management in a Transition Country – a Case Study from Uzbekistan
Darya Hirsch, Geraldine Abrami, Raffaele Giordano, Stefan Liersch, Nilufar Matin, and Maja Schlüter
Estimating Dynamic Risk Factors for Pathogen Transmission Using Community-Level Bird Census Data at the Wildlife/Domestic Interface
Alexandre Caron, Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky, Nicolas Gaidet, Ngoni Chiweshe, and Graeme S Cumming
Environmental Factors Influencing the Spread of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 Virus in wild birds in Europe
Yali Si, Tiejun Wang, Andrew K. Skidmore, Willem F. de Boer, Lin Li, and Herbert H.T. Prins
Evidence that a Highway Reduces Apparent Survival Rates of Squirrel Gliders
Sarah C McCall, Michael A McCarthy, Rodney van der Ree, Michael J Harper, Silvana Cesarini, and Kylie Soanes
Monitoring Social Learning Processes in Adaptive Comanagement: Three Case Studies from South Africa
Georgina Cundill
Enhancing Adaptive Capacity in Food Systems: Learning at Farmers' Markets in Sweden
Rebecka Milestad, Lotten Westberg, Ulrika Geber, and Johanna Björklund
Evaluating Today's Landscape Multifunctionality and Providing an Alternative Future: A Normative Scenario Approach
Rainer Waldhardt, Martin Bach, René Borresch, Lutz Breuer, Tim Diekötter, Hans-Georg Frede, Stefan Gäth, Oliver Ginzler, Thomas Gottschalk, Stefan Julich, Matthias Krumpholz, Friedrich Kuhlmann, Annette Otte, Birgit Reger, Wolfgang Reiher, Kim Schmitz, P. Michael Schmitz, Patrick Sheridan, Dietmar Simmering, Cornelia Weist, Volkmar Wolters, and Dorit Zörner
The Cross-scale Interplay between Social and Biophysical Context and the Vulnerability of Irrigation-dependent Societies: Archaeology’s Long-term Perspective
Margaret C. Nelson, Keith Kintigh, David R. Abbott, and John M. Anderies
Pimp Your Landscape - a Generic Approach for Integrating Regional Stakeholder Needs into Land Use Planning
Christine Fürst, Hannes König, Katrin Pietzsch, Hans-Peter Ende, and Franz Makeschin
Governance for Resilience: CALFED as a Complex Adaptive Network for Resource Management
David E. Booher and Judith E. Innes
A Cautionary Note on Individual Transferable Quotas
U. Rashid Sumaila
Robustness, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity in small-scale social-ecological systems: The Pumpa Irrigation System in Nepal
Oguzhan Cifdaloz, Ashok Regmi, John M Anderies, and Armando A Rodriguez
Sustainable Product Indexing: Navigating the Challenge of Ecolabeling
Jay S. Golden, K. J. Dooley, J. M. Anderies, B. H. Thompson, G. Gereffi, and L Pratson
Designing Participation Processes for Water Management and Beyond
Yorck von Korff, Patrick d'Aquino, Katherine A Daniell, and Rianne Bijlsma
Using Matching Methods to Link Social and Physical Analyses for Sustainability Planning
Eric J Kemp-Benedict, Sukaina Bharwani, and Michael D. Fischer
From Scientific Speculation to Effective Adaptive Management: A case study of the role of social marketing in promoting novel restoration strategies for degraded dry lands
Frances Westley, Milena Holmgren, and Marten Scheffer
Resilience and Higher Order Thinking
Ioan Fazey
Resilience and Vulnerability: Complementary or Conflicting Concepts?
Fiona Miller, Henny Osbahr, Emily Boyd, Frank Thomalla, Sukaina Bharwani, Gina Ziervogel, Brian Walker, Jörn Birkmann, Sander van der Leeuw, Johan Rockström, Jochen Hinkel, Tom Downing, Carl Folke, and Donald Nelson
Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Certification: a Review of the Canadian Situation
Anna V. Tikina, John L. Innes, Ronald L. Trosper, and Bruce C. Larson
Catastrophic Thresholds: A Synthesis of Concepts, Perspectives, and Applications
David D. Briske, Robert A. Washington-Allen, Craig R. Johnson, Jeffrey A. Lockwood, Dale R. Lockwood, Tamzen K. Stringham, and Herman H Shugart
Who is Right to Fish? Evolving a Social Contract for Ethical Fisheries
Mimi E. Lam and Daniel Pauly
Novelty, Adaptive Capacity, and Resilience
Craig R Allen and C. S. Holling
Response to: Green Light for Nocturnally Migrating Birds
A response to: Poot et al. 2008. “Green Light for Nocturnally Migrating Birds”
William R Evans
A Community Conversation About a Watershed
A response to: Flitcroft et al. 2009. “Social Infrastructure to Integrate Science and Practice: the Experience of the Long Tom Watershed Council”
Ryan Collay
Trust: the Critical Element for Successful Watershed Management
A response to: Collay. 2010. “A Community Conversation About a Watershed”
Rebecca Flitcroft, Dana C Dedrick, Courtland L Smith, Cynthia A Thieman, and John P Bolte
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087