Table 1. Attributes of five salmon fishing regions.

Japan Russia Far East Alaska British Columbia WOC
Native species (commercially dominant highlighted) Chum, pink, masu Pink, chum, sockeye, coho, Chinook, masu Pink, sockeye, chum, coho, Chinook Chum, pink, sockeye, Chinook, coho Chinook, chum, coho, sockeye, pink
Dominant legal gear Pound nets, gillnets for masu Pound nets, beach seines Gillnets, purse seines, troll Purse seines, gillnets, troll Troll, gillnets, purse seine
Main fishing area terminal terminal coastal coastal coastal
Sport fishery Marine; freshwater juvenile masu only Modest freshwater fisheries Marine and freshwater Marine and freshwater Marine and freshwater
Personal use fishery No Yes Yes No No
Native fishery allocations No Yes On federal lands Yes Yes
Major management authority Fishery Cooperative Association, Japan Fisheries Agency for Russia treaty fishery Federal Fisheries Agency U.S.–Canada Salmon Commission,
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
U.S.–Canada Salmon Commission, Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans U.S.–Canada Salmon Commission, Pacific Fisheries Management Council, interstate compact, tribes, states
Major markets Domestic, plus China for reprocessing Domestic, plus Japan, China reprocessing Domestic, plus exports to Japan, China reprocessing Export to US, Japan Domestic