Table A-1. Categories for reasons for planting given by the gardeners and divided into natural and social factors.

Type of factors Categories for reasons for planting
(with abbreviation)
Corresponding social statements
Natural factors Regional character (R1) “It’s the local tree, the oleander.”
“It comes from here!”
“It’s typical of the climate and region.”
  Resistance-adaptation (R2) “Because it is resistant.”
“Because it does well in limestone.”
“It doesn’t need too much water.”
Social factors Esthetics (R3) “I like roses; they’re beautiful.”
“It’s pretty; it makes a beautiful cascade.”
“Because I like the scent a lot.”
  Donation-gift (R4) “The neighbor gave it to me.”
“It was given to me for May 1st.”
“It’s a gift from my daughter-in-law.”
  Professional advice (R5) “The gardener recommended it to us.”
“The tree nursery person planted it.”
  Use (R6) “To reduce the view into my bathroom window.”
“Because that holds back the soil.”
“To make jam preserves.”
  Propagation (R7) “I took it from the countryside over there.”
“That was picked up along the Rhone.”
“I picked it up in Cassis, along the road.”
  Easy maintenance (R8) “Because it does not need maintenance.”
“Because it’s practical.”
“We didn’t want any maintenance so we put that in front.”
  Symbolism (R9) “In the Vaucluse, they say every house needs to have a linden tree.”
“Because it fits in with a kind of tradition, triangularity.”
  Imitation (R10) “Because I saw many of them in Cannes.”
“I saw it in a catalogue.”
“Since the neighbor had it, we put one in.”
  Remembrance (R11) “It reminds me of the large flowers in Africa where I lived.”
“It’s a pension souvenir.”
  Specific flowering (R12) “For the early flowers.”
“Because it was supposed to flower all year.”
“It comes back every year.”
  Previous presence in garden (R13) “The hedge was already there.”
“The previous owner was the one who planted it.”
  Past experimentation (R14) “I brought it from my last house.”
“We had some at my other house in Rambouillet.”
  Change (R15) “Because it was to change the type of foliage.”
“That changes the color of the pines somewhat.”
“To vary the shapes in the rock garden.”
  Usefulness for another plant (R16) “It’s to create humidity for my bonsais.”
“I put it there because of the ants around the apple tree.”
  Other (R17) “Because we thought it was boxwood.”
“Because it wasn’t expensive.”