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Table of Contents: Volume 15, Issue 2

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Riding a wave of creative destruction – reflections on Ecology and Society
Lance Gunderson, Carl Folke, and Michelle Lee
Guest Editorial
Navigating Trade-Offs: Working for Conservation and Development Outcomes
Bruce M Campbell, Jeffrey A Sayer, and Brian Walker
Realizing water transitions: the role of policy entrepreneurs in water policy change
Dave Huitema and Sander Meijerink
Bridging Human and Natural Sciences for a Better Understanding of Urban Floral Patterns: the Role of Planting Practices in Mediterranean Gardens
Audrey Marco, Carole Barthelemy, Thierry Dutoit, and Valérie Bertaudière-Montes
Comparative Resilience in Five North Pacific Regional Salmon Fisheries
Xanthippe Augerot and Courtland L Smith
Trends and Future Potential of Payment for Ecosystem Services to Alleviate Rural Poverty in Developing Countries
Jeffrey C Milder, Sara J Scherr, and Carina Bracer
Participatory Vulnerability Assessment in the Context of Conservation and Development Projects: A Case Study of Local Communities in Southwest Cameroon
Nathalie van Vliet
Introducing Ecological Dynamics into Common-Pool Resource Experiments
Marco A Janssen
Pluralism, Resilience, and the Ecology of Survival: Case Studies from the Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan
Karim-Aly S Kassam
Spatial Trade-Offs between Wind Power Production and Bird Collision Avoidance in Agricultural Landscapes
Marcus Eichhorn and Martin Drechsler
Anticipatory Learning for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience
Petra Tschakert and Kathleen Ann Dietrich
The Role of Participatory Modeling in Landscape Approaches to Reconcile Conservation and Development
Marieke Sandker, Bruce M. Campbell, Manuel Ruiz-Pérez, Jeffrey A. Sayer, Richard Cowling, Habtemariam Kassa, and Andrew T. Knight
Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Russian and Swedish Model Forest Initiatives: Adaptive Governance Toward Sustainable Forest Management?
Marine Elbakidze, Per K Angelstam, Camilla Sandström, and Robert Axelsson
Anticipating Vulnerability to Climate Change in Dryland Pastoral Systems: Using Dynamic Systems Models for the Kalahari
Andrew J Dougill, Evan D.G. Fraser, and Mark S. Reed
Population Aggregation in Ancient Arid Environments
Marco A Janssen
Merits and Limits of Ecosystem Protection for Conserving Wild Salmon in a Northern Coastal British Columbia River
Aaron C. Hill, Thomas S. Bansak, Bonnie K. Ellis, and Jack A. Stanford
Policy Entrepreneurs and Change Strategies: Lessons from Sixteen Case Studies of Water Transitions around the Globe
Sander Meijerink and Dave Huitema
Water Governance in Mexico: Political and Economic Aperatures and a Shifting State-Citizen Relationship
Margaret Wilder
Implementing Integrated River Basin Management in China
Dorri G. J. te Boekhorst, Toine J. M. Smits, Xiubo Yu, Lifeng Li, Gang Lei, and Chen Zhang
Individuals Matter: Exploring Strategies of Individuals to Change the Water Policy for the Tisza River in Hungary
Saskia E. Werners, Piotr Matczak, and Zsuzsanna Flachner
Water Management in Spain: the Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Shaping Change
Nuria Font and Joan Subirats
Evaluating Successful Livelihood Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change in Southern Africa
Henny Osbahr, Chasca Twyman, W. Neil Adger, and David S. G. Thomas
The Challenge of Regulating Private Wildlife Ranches for Conservation in South Africa
Jenny A. Cousins, Jon P. Sadler, and James Evans
A Framework for Clarifying “Participation” in Participatory Research to Prevent its Rejection for the Wrong Reasons
Olivier Barreteau, Pieter W. G. Bots, and Katherine A Daniell
Fishful Thinking: Rhetoric, Reality, and the Sea Before Us
Tony J. Pitcher and Mimi E Lam
Scenarios for Resilient Shrimp Aquaculture in Tropical Coastal Areas
Simon R. Bush, Paul A.M. van Zwieten, Leontine Visser, Han van Dijk, Roel Bosma, Willem F. de Boer, and Marc Verdegem
How Personal Judgment Influences Scenario Development: an Example for Future Rural Development in Europe
Marc J. Metzger, Mark D.A. Rounsevell, Harm A.R.M. Van den Heiligenberg, Marta Pérez-Soba, and Paul Soto Hardiman
Navigating the Back Loop: Fostering Social Innovation and Transformation in Ecosystem Management
Reinette Biggs, Frances R. Westley, and Stephen R. Carpenter
Ecological and Human Community Resilience in Response to Natural Disasters
Lance Gunderson
Biodiversity and Biodisparity
A response to: Colyvan et al. 2009. “Philosophical Issues in Ecology: Recent Trends and Future Directions”
Leif Allan DeVaney
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