APPENDIX 1. Glossary of Some Common Population Genetic Terms

Alleles: Alternative forms of the same gene region/locus.

Assignment test: A statistical approach to ascribing individuals to their most
probable natal populations on the basis of multiple DNA markers (Manel et al.2005).

FST: A classic measure of population genetic differentiation based on
differences in frequencies of genetic polymorphisms (Neigel 2002). It varies between 0 (no differentiation) and 1 (completely different).

Genotypic arrays: combinations of genotypes across multiple loci (Sunnucks 2000).

Landscape genetics: a discipline combining landscape ecology and population
genetics (Manel et al. 2003).

Locus (plural loci): A defined DNA region that can be compared among samples.

Microsatellite: A class of highly resolving DNA locus often applied in
molecular population biology (Selkoe and Toonen 2006).

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA): The DNA within the mitochondria found within cells, typically inherited through the maternal line in animals.

Parentage analysis: Attribution of offspring to parents based on genotype data
(Marshall et al. 1998).

Polymorphism: A polymorphic locus has more than one allele.