Table 1. Characteristics of the interviewed harvesters.

Characteristic Value
Number of villages 16
Number of harvesters 47
Gender Male 87%, female 13%
Age 32–80 yr (mean = 50 ± 13.1 yr)
Harvesting experience 10–30 yr (mean = 22 ± 5.1 yr)
Main occupation Agriculture 66%, NTFP collection 15%, daily wage labour 17%, housewife 2%
Secondary occupation NTFP collection 45%, no secondary occupation 43%, daily wage labour 9%, agriculture 4%

The collection of many nontimber forest products (NTFPs), including amla, is often a seasonal activity, as reflected in the dominant reporting of agriculture as a primary occupation. Amla harvesters vary in the extent to which they participate in the harvesting of other NTFPs; for some, amla is the only NTFP gathered commercially.
Nontimber forest product.