Fig. 1. Landsat 7 true-color composite view of Sandusky Bay, the Sandusky sub-basin, and western Lake Erie. Note: Field sites used to calibrate the ecological model are represented by blue squares at the end of the Sandusky River (blue line), in the western and eastern portions of the bay, and at the bay and lake junction. Several cities in the region (white squares) and the 5-, 10-, and 13-m depth contours (white lines) in Lake Erie are shown. The base-map image (taken 19 June 2007) shows the high density of phytoplankton in Sandusky Bay (light green color), the mixed sediment/phytoplankton plumes entering from Sandusky River (darker green color), and the agricultural fields in the watershed (grey-brown color). The satellite image was taken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and provided courtesy of the OhioLINK Digital Media Center.