Table 4. Overview of events in the Kromme Rijn participation process.

Date Aims Core group Consultation
Inhabitants # of participants
13-01-2006 Stakeholder analysis
Planning of the process
X 6
16-02-2006 Stakeholder analysis
Inventory of bottlenecks
X 15
16-05-2006 Informing citizens
Inventory of bottlenecks
X 30
08-06-2006 Hands-on experience of the region X 12
22-06-2006 Reaction bottleneck inventory
Reaction to possible policy measures
X 8
18-10-2006 Reflection workshop on the participation process and learning X 15
19-12-2006 Translation of reflection workshop lessons in remaining process X 6
25-01-2007 Informing stakeholders
Reaction to problem identification Overview of solutions
X 13
08-02-2007 Preparation of upcoming stakeholder meetings X 5
28-03-2007 Preparation of the consultation group meeting X 5
29-03-2007 Presentation and discussion of status
Preparation of citizens evening
X 13
11-04-2007 Informing citizens
Reaction to policy direction and measures
X 50
21-05-2007 Informing citizens
Reaction to possible measures
X 40
23-05-2007 Discuss finalisation of the water management plan X 6
30-05-2007 Informing stakeholders
Discussing the progress
X 14
04-07-2007 Discussing the water management plan X 14
20-09-2007 Deliberate on future steps X 20
26-09-2007 Informing citizens about the water plan and procedures X 65
27-03-2008 Evaluation of the consultation group X 14
12-12-2008 Reflection workshop on the institutional lessons for the water board X 22