Table 2. Different groups in the Kromme Rijn participation process.

The core group The core group of formal authorities involved in the project, jointly responsible for the development of the regional water plan, and sharing the strategic coordination of the process. The core group consisted of the representatives of the Province, the Water Board, and the three Municipalities covering the project region.
The advisory group The advisory group of influential and interested stakeholders from the region and the central platform for discussion about the project. Besides the representatives from agricultural organizations, environmental and recreation groups, the members of the core group were also part of this group.
The information group The information group of stakeholders with lower interest and influence, who were informed about the process and results on a regular basis.
Inhabitants The inhabitants of the region were considered interested but not influential and, therefore, categorized separately. Inhabitants were involved in public meetings, in which they were informed about the progress and consulted about problems and potential solutions of the regional water plan.