APPENDIX 1. Community level semi-structured questionnaire.


Section A. Administration

A1N H ID No. _____________________________________
A2N Interviewees’ name _____________________________
A3N Surname ______________________________________
A4N Responsibilities in the organisation________________________________
A5N Sex_______
A6N Date_________________
A7N Locality________________________________
A8N Time started ______________________________
A9N Time finished ________________________________
A10N Interviewer’s code ___________________________

Section B. Household profile

List of all hh members
B2L Sex
1= male
2= female
B3L Relationship with interviewee
1= him/herself
2= spouse
3= partner
4= son/daughter
5= grandson/daughter
6= niece/nephew
7= sister/brother
8= grandfather/mother
9= friend
10= other (specify)
Marital status
1= married/
2= divorced
3= separated
4= widow
5= single
Language(s) spoken
Ethnic origin
1. Interviewee

2. Other members living in the household


Section E. Environmental quality

E1L Do you or your family use agrochemicals in your crops? _______ 1= yes 2= no

E2L If no, go to E4L. If yes, how often do you use agrochemicals in your crops? _____________

E3L How many applications do you make each season (yearly)? ___________

E4L Did you use agrochemicals in the past? _______ 1= yes 2= no

E5L Can you explain why? ________________________________________

E6L If the answer was yes in E4L, what made you change opinion? ______________________________

E7L Please mention the fruit and wood trees in your plantation

Wood trees
Fruit trees

E8L Please describe how tree diversity in your coffee plantation has changed comparing ten years ago and today. (species diversity) _____________________________________________________________

E9L Please describe how the quantity of trees in your coffee plantation has changed comparing ten years ago and today. (more or less shade) _____________________________________________________

E10L How many hectares in your property is still forest? __________

E11L How many hectares were forested when you acquired the property? ____________

E12L If coffee prices increased would you expand onto the remaining forest in your property to cultivate shade coffee? ____ 1= yes 2= no

E13L Please explain why ________________________________

E14L Has the organisation influenced or changed your opinion concerning forests? _______ 1= yes 2= no

E15L How ________________________________________________________________

Section D. Economic equity

Subsection D.a. Production and other economic activities

D1L For how long have you or your family dedicated to coffee production? ________________

D2L What did you do before dedicating to coffee? ____________________________

D3L Why did you or your family decide to produce coffee? ________________________

D4L How were labour conditions when you were young? ________________________________________

D5L Do you consider that labour conditions for coffee producers have changed comparing ten years ago and today? ____ 1= yes 2= no

D6L Why? _____________________________________________________________

D7L How many hectares of your property have coffee? ____________________

D8L Ten years ago, how many hectares had coffee? ______________________

D9L How much of your land has other crops? ________________

D10L Ten years ago, how much of your land had other crops? __________________________

D11L Beside coffee, please mention other crops in your property ____________________________
1= vegetables
2= maize
3= maize associated with leguminous plants
4= beans
5= chili
6= cacao
7= fruit trees (citrics, mangoes, etc..)
8= other ____________________________

D12L What are the advantages of keeping the mentioned crops? __________________________________

D13L Describe the changes you have made in your productive activities comparing ten years ago and today

D14L Why did you decide to make these changes? _____________________________________________

D15L What are your plans (ten years from now) concerning your agricultural activities? _______________