Table 3. List of interview questions.

Background information • Name and position of respondent
• Disciplinary background, working here since when
• Name of organization, department/division
• Date and time of interview
• Task of organization, task of respondent’s division/sector

Involvement with the Incomati • When did you start to become involved in the Incomati? Are you involved at an international level?
• Who are your colleagues in the other countries? Are you satisfied with the way the communication is going? If not, what are the problems? What do you think is the reason for these problems?
• What is the most challenging part of your work, most challenging decisions?
• Who do you contact when you have a problem?
• Do you have a problem with getting the right information to do your job well?
• How far do you think language and cultural differences influence communication?
• What do you consider to be the most important decisions around the Incomati of the last 10 years?

Joint Incomati Basin Study • Do you have a copy of the final report? Do you use it?
• How was the JIBS conducted? By whom?
• What is your opinion about the content? Was there discussion about the content?

Shared Rivers Initiative • Have you heard of the Shared Rivers Initiative?
• Who was involved and why?
• What do you consider to be the Shared Rivers Initiative’s main achievement?
• Why didn’t the Shared Rivers Initiative have the effect it could have had at the international negotiations?

Compliance • What is the TIA requirement? Are the countries complying with the TIA?
• Tell me about the problems in the basin concerning droughts.
• How is the situation now in the river basin (dry/enough water)?

Recent developments • Do you think all three countries are satisfied with the current new agreement (TIA)? Do you think it will work?
• What do you think is the main problem issue in the Incomati River Basin?
• What do you think should be the main goal for the coming two years?
• What is your opinion about creating a River Basin Organization: objective and mandate/ who/ financing/location /cooperation with the Dutch government/ twinning arrangements
• What is your opinion about an information-sharing platform?

Summary question • What structure/measures would help in using information better in the decision-making process?