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Table of Contents: Volume 15, Issue 1

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The Practice of Transboundary Decision Making on the Incomati River: Elucidating Underlying Factors and their Implications for Institutional Design
Jill H. Slinger, Marianne Hilders, and Dinis Juizo
The Use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Forest Management: an Example from India
Lucy Rist, R. Uma Shaanker, E. J. Milner-Gulland, and Jaboury Ghazoul
Does Integrated Water Resources Management Support Institutional Change? The Case of Water Policy Reform in Israel
Itay Fischhendler and Tanya Heikkila
Integrating Ecological and Social Ranges of Variability in Conservation of Biodiversity: Past, Present, and Future
Sally L. Duncan, Brenda C McComb, and K. Norman Johnson
Overcoming Information Limitations for the Prescription of an Environmental Flow Regime for a Central American River
Peter C Esselman and Jeffrey J Opperman
Piloting a Non-Invasive Genetic Sampling Method for Evaluating Population-Level Benefits of Wildlife Crossing Structures
Anthony P Clevenger and Michael A Sawaya
Beyond Dry Feet? Experiences from a Participatory Water-Management Planning Case in The Netherlands
Machiel Lamers, Bouke Ottow, Greet Francois, and Yorck von Korff
Monitoring the Governance Dimension of Natural Resource Co-management
Georgina Cundill and Christo Fabricius
Is the Jury Still Out? Toward Greater Insight in Policy Learning in Participatory Decision Processes—the Case of Dutch Citizens' Juries on Water Management in the Rhine Basin
Dave Huitema, Corinne Cornelisse, and Bouke Ottow
Many Eyes on Nature: Diverse Perspectives in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve and Their Relevance for Conservation
Uta Berghoefer, Ricardo Rozzi, and Kurt Jax
National Parks and Protected Areas and the Role for Employment in Tourism and Forest Sectors: a Swedish Case
Linda J. T. Lundmark, Peter Fredman, and Klas Sandell
Transient Social–Ecological Stability: the Effects of Invasive Species and Ecosystem Restoration on Nutrient Management Compromise in Lake Erie
Eric D. Roy, Jay F. Martin, Elena G. Irwin, Joseph D. Conroy, and David A. Culver
Archaeological Evidence for Resilience of Pacific Northwest Salmon Populations and the Socioecological System over the last ~7,500 years
Sarah K. Campbell and Virginia L. Butler
Observations on Drivers and Dynamics of Environmental Policy Change: Insights from 150 Years of Forest Management in British Columbia
Shannon M Hagerman, Hadi Dowlatabadi, and Terre Satterfield
How Useful Are Species Distribution Models for Managing Biodiversity under Future Climates?
Steve J Sinclair, Matthew D White, and Graeme R Newell
The Politics of Social-ecological Resilience and Sustainable Socio-technical Transitions
Adrian Smith and Andy Stirling
Beyond Roadkill, Radiotracking, Recapture and FST—a Review of Some Genetic Methods to Improve Understanding of the Influence of Roads on Wildlife
Jody M Simmons, Paul Sunnucks, Andrea C Taylor, and Rodney van der Ree
Public Fisheries
Josh Eagle and Amanda Kuker
Haida Marine Planning: First Nations as a Partner in Marine Conservation
Russ Jones, Catherine Rigg, and Lynn Lee
Why Shade Coffee Does Not Guarantee Biodiversity Conservation.
CÚsar Tejeda-Cruz, Evodia Silva-Rivera, Jonathan R Barton, and William J Sutherland
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