Table 1. Relevant field research on matustake mushroom.

Time Place Activities Research team
Jul–Aug 2000 Jidi Matsutake trade chain survey Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge
Jul–Sept 2003 Jidi Ecological and spatial distribution study Kunming Institute of Botany, International Institute for Geoinfomatic Science and Earth Observation (The Netherlands)
Jul 2006 Jidi, Zhiti Useful plant survey Kunming Insitute of Botany
Sept 2006 Wujie (including Kaimen) Site visit for workshop on exchange community experience sharing of Matsutake management Kunming Institute of Botany
Sept–Oct 2006 A’dong, Yeri, Lizui, Wujie, Kangsi Matsutake management system survey and DVD filming Kunming Institute of Botany
Oct 2007–Jul 2008 Jidi, Bamei, Guzha, Jiangpo, Deqin County Review of DVD and community discussion on optimum Matsutake management system Kunming Institute of Botany, Conservation International
Jun–Oct, 2008 A’dong, Yeri, Kangsi, Jidi, Haitang, Kaimen, Lizui Matsutake management system survey, questionnaire, and household interview Kunming Institute of Botany, University of Hawai`i at Manoa, University of Wisconsin-Madison