Fig. 5. Dynamics of forest structure and composition following human disturbance. The graphs present results from simulations produced by an individual tree-based gap model parameterized for montane forests in Chiapas (Golicher 2001). Three disturbance regimes were simulated, following clearcutting of a patch of forest (to simulate traditional land-use practices): (a) no subsequent disturbance, (b) recurrent disturbance caused by slash-and-burn agriculture, and (c) recurrent disturbance caused by timber and fuelwood harvesting. Numbers refer to different tree species; 1: Pinus oocarpa 2: Pinus maximinoi 3: Quercus segoviensis 4: Quercus crispipilis 5: Heliophilic shrubs 6: Understorey 7: Generic broadleaf 8: Total. Note the slow recovery of late-successional, broadleaved species (7).