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Table of Contents: Volume 14, Issue 2

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The Ecology and Society NetWork
Lance Gunderson and Carl Folke
Guest Editorial
Sustainable Forest Management in the Tropics: Is Everything in Order but the Patient Still Dying?
Robert Nasi and Peter G. H. Frost
Local Consequences of Applying International Norms: Differences in the Application of Forest Certification in Northern Sweden, Northern Finland, and Northwest Russia
E. Carina H. Keskitalo, Camilla Sandström, Maria Tysiachniouk, and Johanna Johansson
Wildlife Tunnel Enhances Population Viability
Rodney van der Ree, Dean Heinze, Michael McCarthy, and Ian Mansergh
Ecological History vs. Social Expectations: Managing Aquatic Ecosystems
Gordon H. Reeves and Sally L. Duncan
The Past and Future of Colorado’s Forests: Connecting People and Ecology
Dan Binkley and Sally L. Duncan
Integrating Conservation and Development in the Peruvian Amazon
Catherine Kilbane Gockel and Leslie C. Gray
Can Road-Crossing Structures Improve Population Viability of an Urban Gliding Mammal?
Brendan D. Taylor and Ross L. Goldingay
From Risk Assessment to Knowledge Mapping: Science, Precaution, and Participation in Disease Ecology
Andy C. Stirling and Ian Scoones
Cost–Benefit Analyses of Mitigation Measures Aimed at Reducing Collisions with Large Ungulates in the United States and Canada: a Decision Support Tool
Marcel P. Huijser, John W. Duffield, Anthony P. Clevenger, Robert J. Ament, and Pat T. McGowen
Evaluating Functional Fit between a Set of Institutions and an Ecosystem
Julia A Ekstrom and Oran R Young
Reducing Moose–Vehicle Collisions through Salt Pool Removal and Displacement: an Agent-Based Modeling Approach
Paul D. Grosman, Jochen A. G. Jaeger, Pascale M. Biron, Christian Dussault, and Jean-Pierre Ouellet
Valuing the Provisioning Services of Wetlands: Contrasting a Rural Wetland in Lesotho with a Peri-Urban Wetland in South Africa
Kathryn S. M. Lannas and Jane K Turpie
Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Ecological Science: a Question of Scale
Catherine A. Gagnon and Dominique Berteaux
Functional Links Between Biodiversity, Livelihoods, and Culture in a Hani Swidden Landscape in Southwest China
Jianchu Xu, Louis Lebel, and Janet Sturgeon
When to Spray: a Time-Scale Calculus Approach to Controlling the Impact of West Nile Virus
Diana Thomas, Marion Weedermann, Lora Billings, Joan Hoffacker, and Robert A Washington-Allen
Behavioral Responses of Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens) to Roads and Traffic: Implications for Population Persistence
Julie Bouchard, Adam T. Ford, Felix E Eigenbrod, and Lenore Fahrig
Quantifying the Human Appropriation of Fresh Water by African Agriculture
Martina Weiß, Rüdiger Schaldach, Joseph Alcamo, and Martina Flörke
Compensation and Rewards for Environmental Services in the Developing World: Framing Pan-Tropical Analysis and Comparison
Brent M. Swallow, Mikkel F. Kallesoe, Usman A. Iftikhar, Meine van Noordwijk, Carina Bracer, Sara J. Scherr, K. V. Raju, Susan V Poats, Anantha Kumar Duraiappah, Benson O. Ochieng, Hein Mallee, and Rachael Rumley
Empirical Accounting of Adaptation to Environmental Change: Organizational Competencies and Biodiversity in Finnish Forest Management
Eeva Primmer and Steven A Wolf
Linking Ecological and Perceptual Assessments for Environmental Management: a Coral Reef Case Study
Elizabeth A Dinsdale
Beyond Forest Cover: Land Use and Biodiversity in Rubber Trail Forests of the Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve
Jacqueline M. Vadjunec and Dianne Rocheleau
Common and Privatized: Conditions for Wise Management of Matsutake Mushrooms in Northwest Yunnan Province, China
Xuefei Yang, Andreas Wilkes, Yongping Yang, Jianchu Xu, Cheryl S Geslani, Xueqing Yang, Feng Gao, Jiankun Yang, and Brian Robinson
Birds and the City: Urban Biodiversity, Land Use, and Socioeconomics
Michael W Strohbach, Dagmar Haase, and Nadja Kabisch
Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity
Johan Rockström, Will Steffen, Kevin Noone, Åsa Persson, F. Stuart III Chapin, Eric Lambin, Timothy M Lenton, Marten Scheffer, Carl Folke, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Björn Nykvist, Cynthia A de Wit, Terry Hughes, Sander van der Leeuw, Henning Rodhe, Sverker Sörlin, Peter K Snyder, Robert Costanza, Uno Svedin, Malin Falkenmark, Louise Karlberg, Robert W Corell, Victoria J Fabry, James Hansen, Brian Walker, Diana Liverman, Katherine Richardson, Paul Crutzen, and Jonathan Foley
Human–Nature Relationship in Mediterranean Streams: Integrating Different Types of Knowledge to Improve Water Management
Carla Gonzalez, Adelaide Clemente, Kurt Aagaard Nielsen, Cristina Branquinho, and Rui Ferreira dos Santos
Addressing Trade-offs: Experiences from Conservation and Development Initiatives in the Mkuze Wetlands, South Africa
Annika C. Dahlberg and Catie Burlando
Modeling the Effect of Traffic Calming on Local Animal Population Persistence
Frank van Langevelde and Catharinus F. Jaarsma
Livestock Subsidies and Rangeland Degradation in Central Crete
Hugues Lorent, Ruth Sonnenschein, Georgios M. Tsiourlis, Patrick Hostert, and Eric Lambin
Variability in Population Abundance is Associated with Thresholds between Scaling Regimes
Donald Wardwell and Craig R Allen
Conflicts Associated with Dam Removal in Sweden
Anna G. C. Lejon, Birgitta Malm Renöfält, and Christer Nilsson
Changing U.S. Ocean Policy Can Set a New Direction for Marine Resource Management
Andrew A. Rosenberg
A Revised Conceptual Framework for Payments for Environmental Services
Matthew M. Sommerville, Julia P. G. Jones, and E. J. Milner-Gulland
Salmon, Science, and Reciprocity on the Northwest Coast
D. Bruce Johnsen
Social Infrastructure to Integrate Science and Practice: the Experience of the Long Tom Watershed Council
Rebecca L Flitcroft, Dana C Dedrick, Courtland L Smith, Cynthia A Thieman, and John P Bolte
Toward Integrated Analysis of Human Impacts on Forest Biodiversity: Lessons from Latin America
Adrian C Newton, Luis Cayuela, Cristian Echeverría, Juan J Armesto, Rafael F Del Castillo, Duncan Golicher, Davide Geneletti, Mario Gonzalez-Espinosa, Andreas Huth, Fabiola López-Barrera, Lucio Malizia, Robert Manson, Andrea Premoli, Neptali Ramírez-Marcial, José-Maria Rey Benayas, Nadja Rüger, Cecilia Smith-Ramírez, and Guadalupe Williams-Linera
Conceptualizing, Observing, and Influencing Social–Ecological Transitions
Marina Fischer-Kowalski and Jan Rotmans
Growth and Collapse of a Resource System: an Adaptive Cycle of Change in Public Lands Governance and Forest Management in Alaska
Colin M. Beier, Amy Lauren Lovecraft, and F. Stuart Chapin, III
Altered Ecological Flows Blur Boundaries in Urbanizing Watersheds
Todd R Lookingbill, Sujay S Kaushal, Andrew J Elmore, Robert Gardner, Keith N Eshleman, Robert H Hilderbrand, Raymond P Morgan, Walter R Boynton, Margaret A Palmer, and William C Dennison
Rethinking Social Contracts: Building Resilience in a Changing Climate
Karen O'Brien, Bronwyn Hayward, and Fikret Berkes
Philosophical Issues in Ecology: Recent Trends and Future Directions
Mark Colyvan, Stefan Linquist, William Grey, Paul E. Griffiths, Jay Odenbaugh, and Hugh P Possingham
The Adaptive Co-Management Process: an Initial Synthesis of Representative Models and Influential Variables
Ryan Plummer
Resilience to Surprises through Communicative Planning
Bruce Evan Goldstein
Education and Resilience: Social and Situated Learning among University and Secondary Students
Marianne E Krasny, Keith G. Tidball, and Nadarajah Sriskandarajah
Culture Against Society—Again and Again
A response to: Gunderson and Folke. 2009. “Lumpy Information”
Wayne B Tyson
Lumpy Information May Lead to Better Science
A response to: Gunderson and Folke. 2009. “Lumpy Information”
Philip L. Hoffman
Making Sure you Solve the Right Problem
A response to: Macleod et al. 2008. “Mechanisms to Improve Integrative Research at the Science-Policy Interface for Sustainable Catchment Management”
Kim Cartledge, Claudia Dürrwächter, Veronica Hernandez Jimenez, and Nick P. Winder
Evolution of Forest Systems: the Role of Biogeochemical Cycles in Determining Sustainable Forestry Practices
A response to: Newton et al. 2009. “Toward Integrated Analysis of Human Impacts on Forest Biodiversity: Lessons from Latin America”
Werner T. Flueck
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