Table 2. Species of special conservation concern on the Palouse.

      Conservation status
Scientific name Common name Geographic range Idaho Washington Federal
Cirsium brevifolium Palouse thistle Eastern Oregon, Washington, northwest Idaho GP3 Watch list None
Aster jessicae Jessica’s aster Washington, Idaho only known from Palouse region GP2 Endangered Candidate
Pyrocomma liatrifomis Palouse goldenweed Southeastern Washington, northwest Idaho GP2 Threatened Species of concern
Silene spandingii Spalding’s silene Eastern Oregon, Washington, Montana, northern Idaho GP2 Threatened Threatened

GP3 (Global Priority 3) species have a global rank of G3 or T3, indicating that they are rare but not imperiled. GP2 (Global Priority 2) species have a global rank of G2 or T2, indicating that they are rare and imperiled. Idaho lacks a state endangered species act but uses global and state rankings from the Network of Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Center.