Table 1. List of termite genera and species, their corresponding vernacular names, indigenous knowledge of their pest status, and uses as sources of food and mushrooms in Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, and Kenya

Country District Species name (local name) Vernacular name Pest Edible Mushroom
Zambia a Kalomo Macrotermes falciger Machenya Yes Yes Yes
Gwembe Muchenje, Chaca, Machenya Yes Yes Yes
Mazabuka Muchenje, Makwakwasi Yes Yes Yes
Monze Muchenje, Chisinza Yes Yes Yes
Choma Simachenya, Machenya Yes Yes Yes
Livingstone Machekenene, Mpango Yes Yes Yes
Monze Odontotermes spp. Chuulu, Mumona Yes No Yes
All Allodontotermes spp. Lumona, Mulyazi, Chimuma Yes No No
Microtermes spp. Lumona, Mulyazi, Chimuma Yes No No
Amitermes truncatidens Chuulu, Mumona Yes No No
Pseudacantthotermes sp. Lumona, Mulyazi, Mulahi Yes Yes Yes
Trinervitermes rhodesiensis Lumona, Mulyazi No No No
Monze Cubitermes tenuiceps Kashimbwa, Tuumbusu No No No
Zambia b Chipata Macrotermes subhyalinus Kalanzi Yes Yes Yes
Chipata M. falciger Magenge Yes Yes Yes
Chipata Odontotermes spp. Gegedule Yes Yes ND
Microtermes spp. Kauni Yes ND ND
Malawi b Balaka M. michaelseni Madulila Yes Yes Yes
Uganda c Tororo Macrotermes subhyalinus Agoro Yes Yes Yes
Macrotermes bellicosus Ripo Yes Yes No
Cubitermes ugandensis Aming No No No
Basidentitermes sp. Aming No No No
Microcerotermes sp. Kithea No No No
Odontotermes kibarensis Magrere Yes Yes Yes
Odontotermes (?latricius Singiri No Yes Yes
Odontotermes sp. 1 Ogwee Yes Yes Yes
Odontotermes sp. 2 Mbala No Yes No
Pseudacanthotermes spriniger Miyal Yes Yes Yes
Pseudacanthotermes militaris Sisi Yes Yes Yes
Pseudacanthotermes sp. Wambwe Yes Yes Yes
Amitermes (? Truncatidens Rudho Yes No No
Trinervitermes oeconomus Thuk No No No
Kenya d Machakos Macrotermes spp. Nthwa, Mungasa Yes ND ND
Odontotermes spp. Mbaa, Mbaawa Yes ND ND
Microcerotermes spp. Mungumi, Kathoa Yes ND ND
Pseudacntotermes spp. Ngai, Kikai Yes ND ND
Allodontotermes spp. Ndulamatu, Mungasa Yes ND ND
Cubitermes spp. Kikii No ND ND

aNkunika (1998); bSileshi et al. (2008b); cNyeko and Olubayo (2005); dMalaret and Ngoru (1989)
? Species name uncertain
No = termite does not produce mushrooms or the mushroom produced is not edible
ND = not determined