Table 2. Percentage of households recording use of the top 10 ranked NTFPs in CCP-logged and non-CCP colonist communities. (G = game animal, F = forest fruit, M = medicinal product, C = construction/handicraft material.) Percent use is calculated based on diary records (CCP logged: n = 22; non-CCP: n = 26) such that it is the number of households who recorded use of a product at least once divided by the total number of participants for CCP-logged communities and non-CCP communities.

CCP logged Non-CCP
Product Percentage Product Percentage
Deer (G) 83% Paca (G) 64%
Tortoise (G) 74% Armadillo (G) 54%
Agouti (G) 70% Agouti (G) 50%
Armadillo (G) 61% Tortoise (G) 50%
Peccary (G) 43% Brazil Nut (F) 46%
Paca (G) 43% Açaí (F) 39%
Bacaba (F) 35% Peccary (G) 32%
Brazil Nut (F) 35% Titica (C) 32%
Andiroba (M) 30% Deer (G) 29%
Titica (C) 30% Piquiá (F) 18%