Table 1. Estimated numbers of juvenile blue crab by habitat type and the resulting numbers of recruits to the adult stock based on habitat scenarios and pre-recruit survival. Cell refers to units of the hexagonal spatial grid overlain on the Mobile Bay system.

Habitat scenario Number of juveniles Number of recruits Percent of baseline
Baseline† 1,003,962,457 116,459,645 100
10% hardened shoreline‡ 966,935,433 112,164,510 96.3
20% SAV loss, 3 cells§ 992,335,955 115,110,971 98.8
20% SAV loss, 1 cell¦ 999,791,517 115,975,816 99.6

†No change from proportions of habitat types mapped by the U.S. Geological Survey (1988 unpublished data) and Barry A. Vittor and Associates, Inc. (2004).
‡Combination of unvegetated near-shore and marsh edge in proportion to the entire Mobile Bay system (original ratio 9:1 vegetated:unvegetated) in two oligohaline and two polyhaline zones.
§Losses by cell and salinity zone were distributed as 60% oligohaline, 25% polyhaline, and 15% oligohaline. The total 20% loss is for the entire Mobile Bay system.
¦Oligohaline zone.