Table 1. Organization of the Ecovars project in three work packages

DescriptionSkillsWork package in EcovarsTasks
PBCPyrenean botanical conservatoryExperts in plant conservationExpertise, information, and coordinationLeadership of the Ecovars project

Technical expertise for the restoration of degraded alpine sites

Information and communication on the Ecovars project

Stakeholders network management ( from seed prescribers to seed users)
SUAIA-PAuthority that coordinates agricultural development in the PyreneesExperts in seed productionSeed productionSeed collection of local species at high altitude

Development of methods for the seed production of local species

Development of a network of seed production farmers
INRAFrench institute of agronomical researchGenetic and social science researchersResearch and developmentDetermination of the genetic structure of local plant populations

Study of factors that could influence population structure

Coordination for the design of consensual seed transfer zones

Examination of the partnership