Table 3. Products of community-based forestry groups that included both local ecological knowledge and conventional science.

Product CBF group and project How was it produced? What is it used for?
Assessment report on condition of resources WR Upper Joseph Creek watershed assessment Resource subteams included at least one local resource user and a USFS scientist USFS personnel describe the assessment as “useful to-do“ list for projects in the national forest”
USFS General Technical Report on Non-Timber Forest Products (Everett 1997) WRTC NTFP assessment and harvest inventory and research Produced jointly by an ecologist and local medicinal plant harvesters conducting the inventory, including Native American harvesters Disseminated by the USFS free to anyone who requests it
Illinois Valley Mushroom Monitoring Project Photo Notebook AFWH mushroom monitoring Harvesters compiled a notebook of local mushrooms to educate other harvesters and USFS personnel after receiving training on field data collection methods Has served as a vehicle for communication between USFS managers and harvesters
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Criteria and Indicators for Forest Certification VFF Development of forest stewardship council criteria and indicators for forest certification

Forest landowner members and scientists from VFF partner organizations provided input into the criteria. Criteria used for third-party certification of timber producers in the northeastern USA
Mosaic Model PLP Uncompaghre Plateau (UP) Workshops involving local people and scientists examined landscape assessment and discussed historical range of variation for each plant community on the plateau. Model of the ecosystem as shifting mosaic of vegetation types used in all UP project forest management recommendations
AFWH – Alliance of Forest Workers and Harvesters
FSC – Federation of Southern Cooperatives Forest Legacy Program
JBC – Jobs and Biodiversity Coalition
PLP – Public Lands Partnership
WR – Wallowa Resources
WRTC – Watershed Research and Training Center
VFF – Vermont Family Forests
USFS – U.S. Forest Service